Launching new Information Sheets on Managing Grief in the Workplace

I am delighted to be able to say that there are now 5 really useful Information Sheets which managers, owners and workers can use to help with grief situations that arise in the workplace.  The information sheets were designed by representatives from worker and employer organisations and deal with five key themes of managing grief in the workplace.  These are:

1.  What do I say? – Initial communication with a worker who is bereaved

2. Delivering bad news in the workplace.

3. How can I help?  – Returning to work after a bereavement.

4. What do I do? Supporting a worker who is bereaved.

5. How does Grief Work? – Understanding the grieving process.

The information sheets can be downloaded from and are designed as A4 back to back sheets which provide straightforward information in an easy to read format.

Another sheet called  “Bereavement Information for an employee who is bereaved” is also downloadable.  This is a template in MS Word format which an organisation or company can modify to reflect their own context, and which can be given to bereaved employees and which contains important contact and entitlement information.

These resources are a great step forward in helping workers and managers to be able to engage and deal with grief related matters in the workplace in practical, compassionate and informed ways.

Please help us to get the word out that these important resources are available and encourage people to make good use of them.